WordPress Glitch

I experienced a problem with one of my Add On domains.  Every time I tried updating I would get locked out. This we sort of resolved by deactivating the Mod_Secuity setting.

But there was still a problem. I couldn’t upload an image until I figured out that I needed to upgrade to the latest version of php installed on the server.

A little thing that takes up way too much time to sort out.

There is a section on the Dashboard called Site Health which lists any exceptions that have been noted. Something I have never bothered with.  But I looked at it and discovered I was running on a version of php which was out dated. This took me to Cpanel/Software where I clicked on Select PHP Version.

The last one was  native 7.2 which I shied away from and selected 7.4 instead. I am not sure why nor what the implications are. Nor do I know why I then pressed Reset Defaults. But it appeared to work. Site Health changed to Good.

But I still couldn’t upload pictures.

They were apparently too big. From what I understood there was 2 meg limit in the WordPress settings and I had already resized the images I was working with. What I didn’t know was that there is server setting in Cpanel under the PHP Version which I needed to edit after clicking Options and scrolling down to the last field.

Problem sorted.

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