Googles Search Console

Google’s Search Console and the Community Forum

Have opened an account for Emsworth Local and have made an index request for The Coffeeman’s advert as well as the Medical Practice post .

I then opened a different account and added An English Breakfast making an index request for the First Meal of the Day. I have also added Selsey Local and requested indexing for Places to BBQ.

All indexed within 12 hours.

Have requested that the three outstanding posts on Emsworth Local are crawled as well as Charley’s Jobs Wanted and Rafbar Plumbing adverts. Wanted to add Workshop Web but can’t verify so added African Story and requested the addition of the  three outstanding posts.

Workshop Web verified after twelve hours. But had a problem opening site map list after enabling Site Maps. Wasn’t able to display a page returning an Ooops error report. Waited another twelve hours and problem resolved. Submitted site maps and outstanding posts. All updated

Submitted crawl requests for the rest of the Adverts on Emsworth Local . Also submitted Chichester Harbour.

Some but not all Adverts now indexed on Emsworth Local. Boat Trips on Chichester Harbour not indexed yet. Have submitted site maps for all Local sites. But not crawl requests for the posts.

Every now and again the Search Console comes back with a read error when trying to submit a Site Map.  Sometimes clears simply by clicking the record, other times by resubmitting.


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