Mobile usability alerts

Way out of my depth here.

Am getting mobile usability alerts for one obscure page on On the Coals. Understand it should have something to do with the template and the settings. So I have installed Neve which is supposed to be mobile friendly and have fiddled with the settings under Header layout РTitle alignment. Although I am not sure what that does or does not do.   Makes no difference to what I see on the laptop.

At the same time I have installed Neve on Kids at Play and Great British Banger.  As these two sites are on the same server and search console dashboard and have or I think had the same problem. But have not edited any of the settings.

I think had because after interogating the Search Console I see no mention of mobile usability problems. What I did find on Great British Banger were references to the Photographers pages I removed. This prompted me to submit a blanket removal request for /commercial-photographers-in-the-uk/

I also found two urls that ‘have been crawled’ but not indexed.

How, once again, I have absolutely no idea. The one is a double up of two existing urls. Both of which are indexed. However the extension artisan gourmet reads gourmet artisan in the live post.

Similarly  with I have no idea where the add on legges-of-bromyard-artisan-sausages/ comes from.



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