….. he comes to a bend in the road an’ he yells ‘Whoa’ an’ yanks back,
an’ he goes through a fence. An’ he yells ‘Whoa, you bastard’ an’ tromps down on the gas an’ goes over into a gulch. An’ there he was. Didn’t have nothin’ more to sell an’ didn’t have no car.

Grapes of Wrath   John Steinbeck

Irrespective of what you might think you know, a website is not going anywhere unless you learn how to drive. Unless you know enough to make the sensible decisions that need to be made.

Is it really that difficult to understand?

A question I have been asking over and over again, year after year. But  for some reason it gets very complicated, very quickly.

How does the average, small, local business make use of simple inexpensive websites to add real value to the business they are running?


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