Keeping it simple

Sales Funnel? An Income Funnel? Terms being bandied about with gay abandon by those with all the answers.

The latest and the greatest internet scoop, if they are to be believed. A strategy anyone can use to accumulate wealth beyond ones wildest dreams.

Sadly I am a slow learner.

Shuffling slowly behind the crowd wondering what the hell is going on. Apparently the “definition of the sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model.”

Nothing particularly remarkable in that.

It is just another reinvented strategy. A sales strategy which I have never been particularly good at and the reason, I am stuck somewhere between points two and three.

The point at which I lose it.

Then there is the fourth phase. The Decision phase. Impulse buying. The point at which I would argue, the internet is supposed to changing lives for the better.

But it is not.

I always understood that the world wide web is supposed to be an information super highway, giving us access to everything we need to make rational decisions.┬áIt is not supposed to get mangled and twisted into a modern day version of the age old “Chain Letter” phenomena.

A flaw that can’t be blamed on the internet. Nor the advent of smart phones and technology.

It is us.

It is how we are, how we relate. How we focus and how we use the tools that are available to us that determines the outcome.

If we want to change the way things are, we are the first, that need to change. We need to re-look at and understand what we, so blithely, refer to as free enterprise. What we understand as freedom and what we understand as enterprise. We need to understand the difference between socialism, social enterprise and free markets.

We can easily build a small business that can be run from home with the tools we have. Many have already done it. It is possible to build an online business and wealth beyond ones wildest dreams. But nothing will ever change unless we start making some radical changes to the way we think and we should start by evaluating Googles rather trite dictum of “do no evil”.

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