Services & Rates

Reason enough to install, set up and host default WordPress websites. A simple open source script, free for anyone to download. The same script that powers a third of all the sites on the internet

We are building an online community network.

Answering questions.

Putting people back into the net. Exploring, networking, opening doors, running a small home based business incubator, workshop and open information platform.

We welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested in joining and interacting with us.  Anyone who might want to get involved, anyone who also has reasons to share their local knowledge and know how.

If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment on the site or use the  Enquiries Form and we will do our best to get you the answer you are looking for.

These days it is dead easy to set up and host a web site.

No more difficult than learning which buttons to push. More importantly  I will then show you how to build, a simple beginning, into a micro-business you run from wherever you might choose to be.

Introductory Skills Workshop                                          No Charge

Site Builder – 1 X domain                                                    Ten pounds a month
Workshop Support
WordPress set up

Multiple Domain Account                                                  Fifty pounds a month
Workshop Support
Social Media
Community Build